UNIDOW Industrial Ordinaries

UNIDOW Industrial Ordinaries

Financial Market Services - UNIDOW & Company

India's Equity Benchmark With Heterogeneous Sector Representation

UNIDOW Industrial Ordinaries is an equity index with a representation from diverse sectors and industries. Financial Market Services of UNIDOW & Company has designed and developed UIO with an objective of bench marking the performance indicators of our publications and statistics. 

An Equity Index with a diverse sector representation to make an excellent benchmark for our Researches and Publications

About UI Ordinaries

UNIDOW Industrial Ordinaries (UIO) is designed to exhibit India's fastest growing industries, which are significant to the economic growth and manifest it as a benchmark for our research and publications and other references to the economic progress of India.

Why UIO?

It's an obvious question of why creating an another equity index. UI Ordinaries has been manifested with an intent to showcase the progress from the vast industrial representation in the equity index, which will be deployed in benchmarking our statistics and economic outlook reports.

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