UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries

UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries

An Average of the Market Sentiment

India's Equity Benchmark With Heterogeneous Sector Representation

UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries is a market capitalization weighted equity index with a representation of companies from diverse sectors and industries. Financial Market Services of UNIDOW & Company has designed and developed UI 44 Ordinaries with an objective of benchmarking the performance indicators of our publications and statistics and for financial products of mutual fund, asset management and banks.

UI 44 is a composition of 30 industries, which makes it an excellent indicator of economic performance and a benchmark for financial products.

About UI Ordinaries

UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries (UI 44) is designed to exhibit India's fastest growing industries, which are significant to the economic growth and manifests it as a benchmark for our research and publications and other references to the economic progress of India. Started from 1st Jan 2018, UI Ordinaries is a composition of forty four large Indian corporations from thirty industries, which makes a market average for our services and performance benchmark for financial products.

Why UIO?

UI Ordinaries is an equity index with a composition of large Indian corporations representing 30 key industries. UIO is an out-and-out index and is useful in benchmarking the results of statistics, publications, outlook reports; and other financial products. UI Ordinaries is an industrial composition rather a composition of bluechip companies and it focuses on industries which are driving the economy.

Uses of UI Ordinaries

UI 44 Ordinaries is principally designed for our publications, projects and research papers. However, the largest industrial composition makes this index a superlative benchmark for the performance of mutual funds, portfolio, ETFs and other financial products.

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