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Transforming the way we see the performance of India and its states’ economy. We’re delivering key analytic and research services to our clients for over nine years.

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UNIDOW is a research, consulting, data and analytics, and consumer financial services & technology company – bringing in versatile services impacting several ambit of the country viz. social policies, economic policies, industrial development, capital transformation, financial services and financial management of the central and state governments.

Whenever we say “insights”, it is the most important objective on which we’re thriving on. UNIDOW is a government consulting and research firm with a mission to deliver insights in everything we do. Our insightful services such as Rating & Index Services, ISPAR, UNIDOW Indices, and GPRO are an imperative part of the government policies and consulting services for Indian corporations; and financial products & services powered by advanced technology for Indian consumers and businesses.

From Insights

General Budget for FY20-21 is designed to bring overspending in control with the budgeted estimates, improved indirect tax legislation - Goods and Services Tax, additional tax measures by overhauling the direct tax structure and changes in the existing system by introducing more transparency in government policies for an absorbing and engaging social development. However, the global healthcare crisis has significantly undermined the economic outlook and triggering government's attention in bringing measures to prevent high interest rates and inflation due to supply side shocks.

UNIDOW & Company offers consulting services on socio-economic and human development to the central government agencies, state government agencies, constitutional bodies and other government institutions.

VMAD is working on Payment Network, Consumer Credit, Investment Management, and Financial Technology services including Equity Market Indices, Investment Portfolio Management, Equity Index derivatives trading product.

Our Businesses

ISPAR is a pioneer development of ranking system, which assesses and ranks each state in India for their development and policy implementation – impacting their economy, social wellness, financial strength, basic infrastructure, climate conservation, business sentiment, promoting inventions and innovations and other constituents which improves and stabilizes the overall environment in the state.

Our dedicated consulting team for the government, developed from the ISPAR, will give government's departments and agencies a choice to make decisions, which creates impact in economic and social development. UNIDOW & Company has a mission to gather and develop information with "insights". Our notable consultants will help government understand the dynamic findings in ISPAR for setting up policies and their effective implementation.

UNIDOW Indices is a heterogenous equity index services of the Indian Stock Market with the largest industrial composition to epitomise the performance of key industries in the Indian economy. UNIDOW Industrial 44 Average is an index of 44 large Indian corporations doing business in more than 31 industries across all sectors. UI 44 Average is a float adjusted market capitalisation price return index.