UI 44 Average – An Indian Stock Market Index

UNIDOW Industrial 44 Average
Tuesday, 11/June/24*

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UNIDOW Industrial 44 Average is a float adjusted market capitalisation weighted equity index of the Indian stock market, representing forty four large Indian corporations from more than thirty one industries across ten sectors listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). UI 44 is a blend of all major industries and sectors, which are key drivers of the Indian economy with Infrastructure, IT, Banks, Auto, Oil & Gas and Metals being the major contributors in the index. First to show direction, it is a sentiment of the Indian stock market. Started from 01 Jan 2018 with base value of Dec-17, UI 44 Average is measured in price and total return and publishes by the Financial Market Services (FMS) of UNIDOW & Company.

Key Indicators

One Year Performance




YTD Performance

$742.15 Bn

Market Capitalization

12.10 Mn

Traded Volume

UI 44 Properties by Composition

Sectoral and Industrial Composition in UI 44 Average

Sector-wise Representation


Industry-wise Representation



Components of UNIDOW Industrial 44 Average

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Stock prices on the Bombay Stock Exchange as on 11 June 2024.
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