Head of Business Services (HoBS)

Head of Business Services (HoBS)

Business Function Head - UNIDOW Advisory Services LLP

Leading By UNIDOW Values

Head of Business Services (HoBS) is a business organ of UNIDOW, which is driven by DIVE values - Driven by Innovation, Integrity, Value Creation and Entrepreneurial Attitude (DIVE). HoBS is structurally designed to win businesses from the government, public and private sector through a fair course of action and set processes to help clients achieve their objective by creating values in their business. HoBS builds a team of professionals, who are further inculcated with UNIDOW values and an added skillset provided by UNICADEMY (UNIDOW Academy).

HoBS reports business performance to Group Managing Council (GMC), a governing body of UASL and is headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

How HoBS Helps Client?

Head of Business Services (HoBS) orchestrates the service lines of UNIDOW & Company and VMAD Holdings and is being led by notable professionals with insight in their technical professional and savoir faire to deal with tight corners and advise our clients for greater competence and opportunity in their industry. HoBS ensures client relationship management by instituting ethical practices to monitor service delivery and integrity in our respective business practices.

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Who is Currently Holding What?

HoBS is set in motion for UNIDOW & Company (including erstwhile UNIDOW Government Services)  and VMAD Holdings. Currently, there are two HoBS at UASL and following Executives are leading their functions:

Vishal Mishra

Chairman - Group Managing Council of UNIDOW Advisory Services LLP

HoBS, VMAD Holdings

Vishal is the Chairman of UNIDOW Advisory Services LLP, alongside leading business function of VMAD Holdings.

He is available at: vishalmishra@gmc.unidow.com

Aakash Mishra

HoBS, UNIDOW & Company

Aakash is a primary contact for practices of Government Services, Statistics & Analytics, Client Advisory and Financial Market Services at UNIDOW & Company.

He is available at: aakashmishra@in.unidow.com

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