Financial Market Services

Financial Market Services

UNIDOW & Company

Pioneer Attributes to Define The Benchmark of the Indian Equity Market

Financial Market Services at UNIDOW & Company provides equity index services, investment management and approach to clients of varied classes, corporate finance for fund raising and risk mitigation strategies to corporations and individual investors. As an integrated solution provider - we design, manage and publish equity indices with the representation of various industries for a superior equity average for investors and researchers. As a result, FMS is designed to help clients invest their idle funds; raise funds for business expansion or new market identification and assist individual investors or corporate employees in investment planning for achieving future goals.

Fund Raising

Our CF function drives your business to meet new market demand or helping operations by raising funds. Find out more at CF homepage.

Equity Index Services

UNIDOW Industrial Average from the UNIDOW Indices is a heterogenous equity market index for determining the sentiment of the Indian equity market. Learn more.

Investment Management

Increase your Financial Strength with our blended "Financial Market Services" solution

A strong financial strength is indubitably desirable and our own equity index services with index funds are few of them, which evinces our pragmatic approach to make financial solutions which works for you in an ever changing market factors. How UNIDOW & Company's FMS can help you?

  1. Identify the best route for your funds to grow.
  2. Create passive funds for your clients by benchmarking the returns with our heterogeneous equity indexes.

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