Life at UNIDOW

Life at UNIDOW

What UNIDOWers Are Getting?

UNIDOW is a government consulting, statistics, policy analysis, equity index services and advisory services firm provides economic data, industrial research, consulting services, corporate finance, equity index and financial market services. With these, it makes us an organisation to look for people from across domains, who will join us to help working for us to achieve what we set about for ourself. Rest assured, you will be rewarded at every point in your success.


People at UNIDOW are more than just an employee. They are working on achieving a common goal with an entrepreneurial approach in their virtuosity and creativity at work. UNIDOWers are recognised for their accomplishments at work forthwith with a lot of benefits - other than their fixed compensation and variable bonus - such as from a trip to a location (domestic or overseas) of their choice to a shopping of a desired electronic gadget or a new fashion stuff.

At the beginning of a performance year, you will understand what we are expecting from you, which will help you to deliver the goals which is set out for a growth in your career like a snowball.

Benefits of Being UNIDOWer

Rewards and recognition at UNIDOW are illimitable when it comes to acknowledging the performance of an individual. All and sundry at UNIDOW are entitled to various benefits other than services and facilities within office premises and following are few of the essential benefits which you cannot resist:

  • A week long Time Off from the Work twice in a year. You can plan both summer and winter vacations with your family!

  • Upto 100% rebate on all expenses while you're on a vacation with family to the location of your choice (Anywhere in India or overseas). All travel related arrangements will be done by us.

  • Personalised Financial Services to you and your family including flexible credit terms and interest rates, investment advisory, financial planning and premium banking services.

  • Guaranteed educational support to your kids till higher education (upto undergraduate level).

  • Leisure benefits every month including movie breaks, access to golf clubs, passes to sport events, dine out with family, concerts and special benefits on birthdays in your family and wedding anniversary month.


"Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young." -  Henry Ford

Learning never stops at UNIDOW and for that matter, UNIDOW Academy or UNICADEMY is a learning school for UNIDOWers, which equips them with a latest technical know-how in their service lines. UNICADEMY allows them to excel in their skillset in an exceptional way to deliver a superlative results to the firm and its clients. UNICADEMY partners with Management Schools, Advanced Learning Centres and other career development providers which offers our people a great deal to learn while working for clients and the firm. Certainly, you have an up-and-coming career opportunities and learning at UNIDOW.

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