An Uncharted Halt to the Economy by Global Healthcare Crisis

Transforming the way we see the performance of India and its states' economy. We're delivering key analytic services to our clients over 8 years.

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UNIDOW is a research and consulting firm, bringing in versatile services impacting several ambit of the country such as social policies, economic policies, industrial development, financial management of the central and state governments.

Whenever we say “insights”, it is the most important objective on which we’re thriving on. UNIDOW is a government advisory and consulting firm with a mission to deliver insights in everything we do. Our insightful services, which are in development, such as Rating & Index Services, ISPAR would be an imperative part of the government policies.

Let’s reveal more about UNIDOW. We are classified by UNIDOW, UNIDOW Government Services (UGS), UNIDOW Investor Services (UIS) and UNIDOW & Company (U&C).


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Budget 2017-18: Expanded Size of the Government Expenditure to Push Economic Development.

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UNIDOW Government Services (UGS) offers advisory services to the central government agencies, state government agencies, constitutional bodies, non-constitutional bodies and other government institutions...

Strong analytics for your organization is a key, which provide opportunity to grow your business exponentially and simultaneously helps you identify important constituent of risk in a particular market or region...

Our Businesses

A results-driven mission combined with a make-it-happen mindset. We move the needle forward for clients across industries and around the globe.

Measuring the effort of the state governments in developing their region for alleviating poverty and social development.

State governments have now been given a greater control over their revenues after the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST), which creates an opportunity for them to compete with other states in economic and social development.

Giving government departments and agencies the answers in making decisions for state development by providing ISPAR led insights.

Our dedicated consulting services for the government with "insights" developed from the ISPAR will give your departments and agencies a choice to make decisions, which creates impact.

UNIDOW & Company

Our team of Consulting, Statistics & Analytics, Industrial Research & Policies (IRP) and Government Policy Research & Opinion (GPRO) gives you choice to make decision for identifying new market opportunities or reducing "risk" in existing markets for exponential growth.