UI 44 Ordinaries with Up-To-The-Minute Performance

UI 44 Ordinaries with Up-To-The-Minute Performance


We are putting together an effort to make UNIDOW Industrial Ordinaries with an up-to-the-minute performance chart for making the index more pertinent to indicate sentiment of the Indian Market.


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UI 44 to be updated in every 1 minute with 5 minutes delayed feed from Apr'18.

This is the announcement from the UIO Governing Committee that UNIDOW Industrial 44 Ordinaries equity index will become a minute-by-minute performing index and will be updated in every 1 minute with a 5 minutes delayed quote of stock prices trading on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). UI 44 will start pre-open trading at 09:06 am till 9:21 am and continuous trading will start from 9:22 am till 3:36 pm on market trading days. UNIDOW Advisory Services LLP, on behalf of UNIDOW & Company, signed an agreement with CMOTS Internet Technologies Pvt Ltd for providing 5 minutes delayed stock price feed. UIO dashboard for index management and maintenance including front-end application for end users is developed by Sudhamrit Solutions Pvt Ltd. The new UI 44 webpage is developed on PHP and Node.js platform for a seamless user experience to show effective performance of UIO index on a real-time basis.

The UI 44 Ordinaries with an up-to-the-minute-performance will be started from Apr-2018. Testing of this project has been started and beta version will be released for end users shortly.

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